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In order to engage the community and reach those who come to our music festival, we will be having a section of the grounds set up with tables for each church to have a representative of their church there to talk with people. We would like to be able to connect people with a local church so that they can find a loving and supporting Christian community close to home. We would love it if each church could talk about their outreach ministries, youth programs, children’s programs and areas where people can get involved. 

We will also be having a prayer tent set up at the festival. This will be where anyone with questions of faith, prayer needs or who may respond to the gospel message will have a place to go and pray with a qualified pastor or counselor. If anyone from your church would be interested in being a part of the “Prayer Tent”, please let us know.

Above all, please pray for us as we prepare. Pray for those that God already knows will be there. Pray for a great moving of the Holy Spirit!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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