Up North Worship 2023
The 2nd Annual Up North Worship Event is coming to 2023!
Jul 08, 2023, 10:00 AM – Jul 09, 2023, 10:00 PM
Mooers Camp Meeting,
17 Campground Rd, Mooers, NY 12958, USA


June 18th, 2022

This is an all-day event open to the public! Buy your tickets online today.

Gates Open

10:00 AM

Venue Gates will open to the public for this event.
(Mooers Camp Members must purchase a ticket for this one day event to stay on the grounds.)

Right Hand Shade

11:30 AM

Event kicks off with a performance by Right Hand Shade.

It seems God had a plan along, even in the naming of the band. Speaking partner Dan Elliott explains its origins from Psalm 121: “In this Psalm we see a picture of safety and security in the arms of our Father. So often we are ready to fight and win our freedom from the difficult circumstances of life, and as a result find that we are completely defenseless against all that comes against us. The name ‘Right Hand Shade’ was born out of a desire to see all people find their peace under the shadow of the right hand of God. We are freedom advocates strictly focused on proclaiming that Jesus desires to draw all people closer to Himself. Our prayer is that whoever finds themselves in contact with us in any way would experience a closeness with God that brings peace, safety and wholeness.”

Speaker Dan Elliot

1:00 PM

Event host from K-Love radio

Jason Fowler

1:30 PM

Jason Fowler is a Christian Music Artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Fowler has played music most of his life, recording and touring all over the country. After years of playing rock 'n' roll, landing a lucrative record deal, and picking up many bad habits along the way, he realized the treasures he had been seeking could only be found in one place... a relationship with Jesus. In 2005, Jason hit rock bottom and finally stopped digging. That's when everything changed. That's when Jason changed and gave his life to Christ. It took several years of recovery, seeking God, and serving in the local church to bring Jason back to using the gifts God had given him. That's when Jason realized his purpose, to use his story of redemption, through music, to serve God and to Love others.

Speaker Pastor John

3:00 PM

Mooers Wesleyan Church

Brothers McClurg

3:30 PM

"God, please bless my family to be a band for Your glory and may they have a passion to serve you with all their hearts."  It was a simple prayer, but an earnest one prayed many, many years ago.  Bill McClurg was a man with a holy obsession to share the Gospel message with anyone willing to listen.  He had a deep personal conviction that it was God who had saved his life off of a sinking naval ship that was the target of a kamikaze attack during World War II.  Following the war, with a new lease on life and fresh perspective, Bill McClurg knew he would live the rest of his life following the orders of the Captain of his salvation.
Those orders written in red words in the Good Book rang out in his heart like a naval ship horn every day. "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

Speaker Pastor Patty

5:00 PM

Christ & St. John's Episcopal Church

Dave Pettigrew

5:30 PM

The feeling of helplessness as you see those you love struggle drives my music and ministry. Being onstage means more than just singing songs or providing an opportunity to lead people in worship. It’s a longing to share with everyone the hope and healing we have through our relationship with God.” -Dave Pettigrew

davepettigrew is a worship leader, recording artist, author, husband and father from New Jersey.

The new album “Faith & Gasoline” is a reflection of life on the road. The ministry is fueled by the faith & love for God and the gasoline used to get from place to place. The album features a new version of the song “There Is Hope” along with the stand out tracks “Love Is Here,” “Undertow” and “Why Won’t You Love Me.”

Speaker Pastor Trevor

7:00 PM

Mooers Wesleyan Church

Love & the Outcome

7:30 PM

Joy is not a response to our circumstance but to God’s faithfulness even on the hardest days. We don’t have to wait for life to get good to be joyful, we can find joy today in the little ways that God smiles on us, sends people our way, and reminds us of this promise: Emmanuel - God with us.